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Tax Lien Advantage Student Feedback

Success breeds Success.

“I attended your webinar on Monday – as usual very informative. I am still finding that things for me are going a bit slowly and I tend to get a bit frustrated at times. When I hear or attend your webinars it all sounds so straight forward and easy – but I guess as I am new, things will seem a bit harder until I get the swing of things. Just wanted you to see what I managed to purchase in Dec 🙂 Let me know what you think. I was really aiming for deeds but strayed a little from that goal as you can see. I don´t have much to invest yet so my budget has to be under $500 per month for whatever I purchase. So far there are very few under that in the deed part of things and I can only as yet take part in the online events. Anyways just wanted to let you know how I was progressing. I am going to be at the 2 day Las Vegas seminar – you´re not going to be there are you? Have a good one and take care! Best Regards.” Wendy. S.

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“I just went thru and downloaded all the newsletters to review at my leisure. Also spent some time going to thru all the links you have posted – you have done an awesome job on providing information to make us successful. I finished my business plan last night (setting up a corporation- also using Wealthrock material). Working thru the process on my own is an enlightening experience and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Thanks! Regards,” Donna F

I just wanted to let you know that your encouragement to me to buy tax liens resulted in success yesterday. I successfully won bids on 8 small tax liens yesterday in the Maricopa County online tax lien auction. Hooray!

Thank you, Paula P

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased my first tax deed last night at the auction for City of Suffolk. I was excited to attend my first tax sale and told myself that I’d see how the process works first but in the end I ended up bidding on a property and won it. I bid on Lot…., xxxx Street, Suffolk, VA. The high bid, mine, was $5xxxx. I put down 20% last night and will settle the balance at the Treasurer’s office today or tomorrow. I’m very excited and don’t know what to do with myself. Thanks for all your help on these bi-weekly webinars.” Lani M. Virginia

“Hi Rian, How are you? I wanted to share some good news. Today I was successful with a Tax Deed Sale and I paid 62% of the assessed value. The great news is that the condo, which overlooks the water, is fully furnished and recently renovated. Move in ready. I was pretty jazzed. I wanted to thank you for your help in all my training. I think I am most certainly building my confidence”. Thank you, L. Jones

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“Thank you. Last night, I was going through the county held tax certificates to get a better understanding of the tax process. I found a certificate in a desirable area and started doing some due diligence to see why no one wanted it. What I found shocked me. The property is actually part of another property. The property appraiser has made a mistake and started taxing it separately two years ago and assigned to the neighbor’s address. In this case, the owner owns both properties, but has only been paying one. Bank of America has a mortgage on both, so I’m going to buy it…” Danielle

“I actually located 4 certificates then contacted Lee County and found them available. At this point I called you and took your suggestion to contact Lee County Tax Collector’s office again. I was guided through the research process and located everything I needed on property tax records. I then went to Lee County Property Appraiser where I located aerial views of the properties as well as adjoining properties. Although I spent a few hours from beginning to end, I learned from it and the process gets easier as I put more into it. I now own certificates in Lee and DeSoto Counties and am now looking for another buy. Note: I wanted you to know that a comment you made during one of the recent webinars gave me that little push I apparently needed. I believe you said that you were researching in Mass and wasn’t getting the information you needed. I think you further stated you let 6 months pass before another contact with them. I guess I was thinking that you always knew the business and didn’t have to go through the learning process. Thanks!!!!!!”. V. Everett

“Hello Rian, I wanted to inform you that I participated in the Maricopa County Tax Lien Auction in February and won two bids. I will also be attending the 2011 Franklin County Delinquent Tax Sale Auction in Russellville, Alabama…” Arnita P.

“Thank you so much for all your help. Without it I would still be just looking around and trying how to look for liens from the lists. Below is the first lien my partners and I purchased. With your help I found this one with a cost of $310 and assessed value of $11,468. after doing the due diligence you taught me, I found out by talking with the County (very helpful person) that this property was all ready in foreclosure, so we bought the 2010 yr. Looks like we will only make the 5% minimum on this one but it was fun doing it. I am so grateful for all the information that Mark, Leigh Anne and you have given me and the extra help, wow…thank you…looking forward to searching the next one and getting to an auction to buy a deed… See you Monday night on your webinar…Thank You.” Terry W.

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“We just purchased our first lien!!! This was the timber farm property in Alachua County mentioned on our last call. It was only a $29.72 investment (valued at $32,500) but, like you say, we are in the game! Are there instructions on the Real Auction site that will guide us as to what to do next?” Thanks for your support and we will be in touch soon, Bob & Pam

“We received our workbooks today – thank you for following up on that. You had mentioned in a recent webinar that you weren’t sure if people were reading your newsletter. We definitely do and, although we can’t attend the live broadcast, we listen to all the webinars as well. Thank you for all your obvious hard work. They help us a lot and are very appreciated! By the way, it was cool to see our names and email in this week’s newsletter!” Cassandra G.

“Mark: Deb and I just won 3 liens in the Pinal auction at an average of 8%. Not great but it’s a start and we learned a lot. Wouldn’t have even tried it without ya’ll’s guidance in the Vegas seminar. Thanks Again.” Denny

“So, I finally figured out how to get a print of the electronic certificate … is this it? This is what they told me that I would have. As far as I can tell, it is as you say except that if we don’t take action within 7 years … we lose our rights to claim anything? Do all the states do that? So, I’ll keep my eye on this tax lien and see how it goes. This owners does seem to pay up eventually, but usually only after threat of action. I am glad that I made my first tax lien purchase and I managed to take all the steps. Next, I do want to participate in an auction … and I also feel strongly that I want to stick to Tax Liens … I really don’t want to get a Tax Deed at this point. I just want to invest in Tax Liens. Thank you!” Greer S

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“I talked to Ryan the other day who introduced me to this new web site. ( So glad I did. He was so friendly, helpful and encouraging, and the web site is great. My wife and I watched the OTC Webinar (#4) after the fact yesterday and it was outstanding!” John & Norma L. California
“The attachment contains my first liens we talked about the other day. Thank you for your help.” Paul K. Virginia

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“I just went thru and downloaded all the newsletters to review at my leisure. Also spent some time going to thru all the links you have posted – you have done an awesome job on providing information to make us successful. I finished my business plan last night (setting up a corporation- also using Wealthrock material). Working thru the process on my own is an enlightening experience and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Thanks!” Regards, Donna M.

‘”Bless you and thank you so much. Thank you for being there to answer our questions, and walk us through these steps. Both Mark and Leigh Anne sang praises about you, now I see why.” T. Graham

“I attended the Tax Lien/Deed seminar in Las Vegas, NV this past weekend and found it thoroughly informative and inspiring. Up to this point though, I was focusing on asset protection and other real estate strategies…They were very helpful in getting me logged into the site and using it (I saw all the modules and most of the webinars on my off time over the weekend as I really think this real estate strategy is suited for my current lifestyle. …… Meanwhile I want to learn as much as I can from the website practicing due diligence and exploring some lists-with the purpose of at least buying one tax lien (in another state) or a local tax deed by the end of the month. I live in Eastern Virginia and am interested in Gloucester County, James City County, York County, and the City or Newport News. I will also call the counties myself and get the reference names as they taught in the course but I wanted to see if you had any current lists to start with in case I get delayed over the phone. I have registered with some online auction sites for tax liens in other states currently with the hope of getting OTC lists as soon as the auction closes. Are there any tax lien states you recommend besides AZ and FL to start?? Hope to hear from you soon.” Susan C.

Thanks again for explaining – don´t know what I´d do without you 🙂 As mentioned I thought I was bidding on the interest rate when I submitted my 10 bids – at 10% interest. So I guess I need to read more thoroughly through the rules. All the liens had been bought in previous years so as you mentioned I´ll have to call the county and get a status update. Best Regards, Wendy S.

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“I received a copy of the tax lien in Arapahoe Co. in the mail today! I’ll send you a copy with a little comment about actually purchasing it; you may edit as you see fit. Those are some great ideas about purchasing lots, and I’ll certainly consider them when I’m looking at property. Frank and I plan to visit some sites in Thurston Co. this Friday. They’ll be holding their auction online with Bid4Assets starting Jan. 9. I’ll be in touch. Regards.” Cheryl H

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased my FIRST deed sale in Florida today. I am sure it will come with some challenges, but I believe it is a nice start. The property purchased was by Tax Deed Sale. I paid .50¢ on the dollar for its value. The unit is small only 355 sq ft but the community is well maintained with pool and tennis court. Sales have been good in that development. My plan is to sell and carry the paper. A fall-back strategy is to rent the unit.” Liz J.

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Hello Rian and Patti, Thank you both for all your support to help me with my first tax lien purchase. Today, I purchased a tax certificate in the amount of $625.69 in Hillsborough County, FL on a vacant property with an assessed value of $24,375. The property address is: XXXX XTH ST, XXX, FL … I could hardly breathe as I walked through the “RBA” steps and clicked the “Buy Now” button. I feel excited, relieved, nervous, and honestly quite numb. But I do know for sure that I could not wait to tell you both! Thank you so very much for your patience and guidance as I continue my journey!!! Let’s ROCK…! Laura

“I received the receipt for the payment on the lien but no other paperwork to date. I’m quite sure that I asked that they send me a copy of the lien. If I don’t get the copy in a few days I’ll give them a call. In the meantime, my friend and partner are planning on going to our 1st Deed Auction this coming Friday! We prioritized our choice of properties this afternoon and are looking forward to actually participating in a live auction. By the way, I signed up with my Self-Directed IRA as you suggested! I’m on my way!!! 🙂 Thanks for all of your good advice!” Regards, C. Washington

“Thank you for your wonderful seminar. I really learned a lot and plan to invest in a lien as soon as I find one I like.” Pam C. Arkansas

“I placed a bid on three different properties and will be checking on my success once the bid closes on November 4th in Adams County, Colorado. Thanks for your assistance and have a great day.“ Peter Z. Missouri

“Good morning! I hope all is well. I am excited that I am now getting “in the game”. I made a small purchase for a certificate to parcel ID ***** (Hillsborough County, Fl). It was a small $30.00 purchase but I wanted to do something rather than just look. I needed to get involved with little money and break hold of the fear.” Regards, L. Gomez Virginia

“The webinar was very impressive and sophisticated yet simple, resourceful, and effective. It was helpful to see that you experiment to find things and what one is looking for is not always obvious. Thank you.” Carol W.

“My wife and I have been really enjoying your Webinars and are slowly reviewing the ones we missed live via the archives. We are planning to attend the live Webinar this evening.” John and Norma L.

“Thanks. It feels amazing!! Now, I’m beginning to feel like a true investor. Attached is the info on the property. Looking forward to our 12/12 call. I appreciate your continued encouragement.” Lani M. Virginia

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“Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I enjoy your instruction and hope to purchase tax liens soon. Thanks for your encouragement. Take care.” Karen A.

“Great! I’ve got the info; now to start making some phone calls about the “self-directed” IRAs. When I get my copy of the lien I’ll be happy to share my experience with others. My learning curve has been really steep, but I think I’m finally catching on! 🙂 Thanks again.” Cheryl H

Please send us your feedback and tell us about your investment success. We want to acknowledge your hard work and we are confident that your success will breed other success. Congratulations to our fantastic students.

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